Sinergia III makes growth capital investments in companies managed by experienced entrepreneurs or managers looking for financial and strategic assistance to support internationalization processes with a focus on the U.S. market and create lasting and sustainable value over time.

The fund has no sector focus but preference will be given to companies with sustainable competitive advantages, international presence, and clear expansion opportunities in U.S and in Italy.

Sinergia III’s investment strategy is operationally oriented. The fund seeks to cooperate with its portfolio companies to create long term value in U.S thanks to the experience of its Investment Team and strong relationships with key players operating in the Italy/U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI), such as the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

Companies with a sustainable competitive advantage

  • Target commitment
    € 200,0 millions
  • Fund status
    in fundraising
  • Investment period
  • Investment size
    € 15,0-25,0 millions


Paolo Alessandro Bonazzi

Chairman and Partner

Francesca Laera

Investment Associate

Gabriel Monzon Cortarelli

Non Executive Director