Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors dictates the corporate strategy and is responsible for the investment and divestment operations of the funds’ under management. The Board is composed of 5 members (of which 1 as independent) with different experiences.

The following members are members of the board of directors of Synergo Capital

Paolo Alessandro Bonazzi


Elisabetta Castelnuovo

Independent Director

Carlo Luigi Rossi


Paolo Rizzello


Luigi Ricciardi


Board of Statutory Auditors

Marta Montalbano


Michela Ciani

Board of Statutory Auditor Acting Member

Francesco Buccafasca

Board of Statutory Auditor Acting Member

Control Functions

Francesco Cuzzocrea

Responsible of Compliance

Responsible of AML

Fabio Di Rosa

Internal auditor

Prosperino Brandi

Responsible of Risk management